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Player characters can have positive and/or negative traits that modify the way they play. These do not have to be balanced; some characters may have a very strong selection of traits while another may have a debilitating selection.

Positive traits reduce glory from Glory Missions, while negative traits increase glory.

List[edit | edit source]

Trait Type Effect Glory
Blacklisted Negative You're banned from all shops and you know full well why. 15%
Dying Negative You only have 10 minutes to live. 30%
Frail Negative Any lethal damage kills you, no chance to rescue yourself with your pod. 30%
Glitch Sickness Negative You pass out for a few seconds after teleporting. 12%
Proud Negative You can't bring yourself to take any mission that pays less than 70 mLs, it's beneath you. 0%
Shaky Negative Shots with firearms can go anywhere within 15 degrees of where you're aiming. 7%
Technophobe Negative Gadgets cannot be recharged or self charged. 30%
Weak Negative You're not strong enough to use melee weapons. 15%
Ex-Foundry Positive When you use a gadget's last charge, there's a 50% chance it won't be used up. -15%
Ex-Glitcher Positive You can glitch 50% further with teleporters. -25%
Ex-Offworld Positive All concussive guns self-charge for you. -8%
Ex-Sovereign Positive Longblade recovery time is halved and Shortblade dash range is doubled. -8%
Heir Positive Your mentor was a legend, and they've passed on their favourite item on to you. 0%
Informed Positive You already have the intel you need for your personal mission. 0%
Lucky Positive You're 2x as likely to find good items in crates. -15%
Rich Positive You start out with an embarrassing amount of money. -8%
Silencer Positive All guns you fire are silenced. -5%
Supplier Positive You're restocked to 24 ammo and 12 armour-penetrating ammo each time you return to a station. 0%
Tough Positive You take twice as long to bleed out. -10%
Unambitious Positive Your personal mission is actually not that hard. 0%
Vindictive Positive You drop a concussive grenade any time you're taken down. -9%
Bloodless Vow Vow You've vowed never to cause anyone's death. 0%
Ghost Vow Vow You've vowed never to be seen or cause anyone harm. 0%
Pacifist Vow Vow You've vowed never to cause anyone harm. 0%