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The player is dead. Long live the player!

Death is a common occurrence in the game. However, the player doesn't quite die when shot. They are stunned and the guard takes them out to the nearest airlock, where they are disposed of. If the player manages to catch up to their body with their pod, they will survive. If not, well, time for a restart.

Enemies will die from a single impact from a gun, launcher or melee weapon, granted they do not have armor or shields. They can also be killed if they are in the same room as an engine room when it detonates, if they are targeted by a subverted sentry gun, or if they are left floating in space for too long.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In case the player manages to recover their body, the timer is not reset. If they get shot again, they have to recover themselves with a reduced timer (timer starts at 30 seconds(60 if the character has the tough trait) for a new character and is six seconds shorter after each recovery).
    • If you are hit or shot with a non-lethal weapon such as a Wrench or a Concussive Gun, your recovery timer is not reduced by six seconds
  • If you use the Offworld_Angel pod & successfully save yourself from space (remember to use the pods special ability: ranged pickup) then the timer will also NOT decrease by 6 seconds.