Foundry Brick

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Foundry Brick
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Basic Data





Can destroy rooms by ramming

Foundry Brick is a pod in Heat Signature.

Description[edit | edit source]

This Pod has the special ability to destroy rooms if you hit them with enough speed. This does damage to the pod. The Pod also has infinite emergency fuel.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • After you first dock at an enemy ship, you can see where your objective is located.
    • Try to ram and destroy rooms near the target (or if on a assassination mission, just the targets room) to make your mission much easier. Remember: you can dock at entrances to said destroyed rooms.
  • Watch your speed more carefully: this is the only pod where collisions with something really do anything.
    • You will lose precious seconds repairing your pod and you will set off the alarm if you do use the pod's feature.
  • This is the riskiest pod, as you can easily die during the pod repair .

Updates[edit | edit source]

With the later update, the Foundry Brick has been nerfed. You can no longer breach a spaceship with normal or low speed, but need the maximum travel speed. This makes it almost impossible to aim for a single room of a spaceship, denying the ability to assassinate a target with one breach.