Offworld Angel

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Offworld Angel
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Basic Data




  • Bleedout Prevention and Negation
  • Contractor and Capture/Rescue Target Attraction

Offworld Angel is a pod in Heat Signature.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Offworld Angel is a pod of Offworld Security design. It has two functions:

  • If you are wounded and tossed out the airlock, the Angel can prevent lasting injury (your bleed-out timer doesn't decrease if you get wounded again)
  • As of Heat Signature’s ‘space birthday’ update the angel no longer negates long term damage, rather halves it, decreasing the bleed out timer by two seconds instead of four.

  • By pressing "Use" (default E), the Angel can attract you and capture/rescue targets to itself.
  • It is the best pod if you don't like brute force like the Brick has

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • It is recommended to use this pod if you often throw yourself or your (rescue) targets out of windows.
  • also VERY useful if you don't want shorter survival times for further incidents