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Bullet time

What the hell was that?
~ Everyone

Slipstream is an equipment item in Heat Signature.

Description[edit | edit source]

Time flows 10x slower and you move 5x faster for 10 seconds - which will feel like 1 to everyone else.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • An excellent tool for both stealthy and loud approaches, as this will allow players to react many times faster than guards.
  • Makes dodging bullets much easier. It's possible to dodge enemy fire without the use of a slipstream, but the use of a slipstream makes it much easier.
  • Note that when the slipstream effect ends, there will be a few seconds where the player character moves in the direction they were moving when the effect ended. Take care not to run into a guard's vision or out of a breach when the effect of the slipstream ends.
  • Especially useful in combination with automatic guns or a shortblade.
  • Slipstream charges can be chained together, which is often enough to clear out several rooms before guards can react.
  • Charges from different Slipstreams can also be stacked, creating increasingly extreme effects. (i.e. stacking two slipstreams means the player moves at 25x normal speed as opposed to 5x.)
  • Especially potent with a stealth shield, a full charge of slipstream barely lasts for a mere fifth of the duration of the shield.
  • Running into a window with a slipstream active will break the window and suck you into space. (Useful for speedy getaways?)