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Stealth Shield
Basic Data



Creates a stealth shield, hiding you from enemy sight

Stealth Shields are cool because now any seemingly empty room could contain your murderer.
~ Sovereign

Stealth Shield is an equipment item in Heat Signature.

Description[edit | edit source]

Hides you from all enemies and sentries in the direction you're facing (120 degree cone). Activating it consumes one charge and the shield stays on for 5 seconds.

Qualities[edit | edit source]

  • High Capacity Stealth Shields allow for an additional two uses of this gadget before, bringing the total up to five, allowing for an entire 25 seconds of visual shielding from enemies.
  • Rechargeable Stealth Shields add the additional utility of restocking all the uses for your gadget upon returning to a friendly station. This can even be done during missions, though any time limits or alarms raised will still continue in your absence.
  • Self-Charging Stealth Shields, the rarest of the three additions, recharges your uses of this gadget over time during a missions. These can be used to great effect as it allows for unlimited shielding as long as you're patient enough.

Note: Stealth Shields can have multiple of these traits or none at all, though you can never have a Rechargeable Shield that is also Self-Charging.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • A very useful tool for passing through enemy outposts and rooms, especially corridors watched by the enemy. Keep track of high capacity ones and rechargeables.
  • Useful if you want to steal Keycards and have no time and no KeyCloner: just activate, sneak near the Keycard owner, steal it and sneak away
  • Also if you are spotted but the guards are not yet yelling "INTRUDER" you can use it to disappear from their sight while active
  • If you get yourself surrounded with guards, you can activate the stealth shield and spin around so that they will not fully identify. If they have the exclamation mark on top of them, spinning around will make it impossible for them to fill it, so you can escape the room, and they will still search where they last saw you.
  • Very useful in ghost missions, if you have multiple medium capacity stealth shields (Preferably also with some sort of charging) you can do the mission very easily as long as you utilize the time in a stealth shield well.
  • Be very careful to not get too close to a guard, if the guard is on "your side" of the black lines, then they can see you, so you have to back away.