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Some tips & tricks[edit source]

I wrote a bunch of tips to a YouTuber & I thought I should share them here too (sorry, I can't be bothered to read everything that has been writhen here already & rewrite all this again), try to incorporate what you think is missing, discard anything that is already mentioned, good luck!

  1. 1 Learn to throw (melee) weapons (T) (most powerful thing in the game). (you can take almost any ship with wrench only if you have enough wrenches (4+) unless the guards have shield or armor. (smack, throw, switch wrench, teleport back previously thrown wrench that have hit a target & repeat (pause A LOT))) (I highly recommend a wrench only run with 8 wrenches :D )
  2. 2 The subverter can unlock key-doors
  3. 3 You can auto-walk with middle mouse button
  4. 4 When pilot is "incapacitated" the alarms have no effect (go nuts)
  5. 5 Move bodies out of sight, guards normally don't open doors (only when alarmed) so empty a "door-ed off section" & hide bodies there
  6. 6 If you clear out the ship you can take control of it & only press F to auto-pilot to the station.
  7. 7 "always" (99% of the time) buy whatever it is if it is "self charging" regardless of the price (unless you know you will never use it)
  8. 8 When stealing an unknown/experimental item, don't pick it up, put it in storage & see if the bar is blue or orange, blue means it's a limited use item & you fail the mission if you use it too much, orange means it's rechargeable (go nuts), you can test blue items in the base-stations simulation without any problems. Sometimes (at low levels) it's more beneficial to keep the item than completing the quest, simply cancel the quest & pick another.
  9. 9 If you don't like the available missions, accept any & cancel it to get a new set off missions (I don't think the difficulty goes up from this)
  10. 10 To kill an unconscious body, stand near it & pause, in right side menu there is an option to kill him/her, useful for Enigma clause.
  11. 11 Assassination missions do NOT require a dead target ("funny" message if target is alive)
  12. 12 Swappers work on corpses & unconscious people too (leave a trail of bodies for easy teleport bypass when returning (best used with self-charging swapper) ;)
  13. 13 You can disable turrets from the pause menu if you are close enough (usefull to not accidentally run in-front of them)