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Teleporter is a type of equipment in Heat Signature.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • The teleporter allows you to instantly move to the target destination, according to the requirements of each type.

Variants[edit | edit source]

  • Sidewinder: Only allows you to teleport to a location that can be reached (i.e. can't move through locked doors or to unreachable locations).
  • Swapper: Swaps your location with that of another character on the ship or station.
  • Visitor: Temporarily teleports you to the target location and teleports you back after 2 seconds (eg. to rewire a turret inside a room full of guards).

Tips and tricks[edit | edit source]

  • Use the Visitor to draw attention, to get into closed rooms, or to assassinate people behind thick walls.
    • This is particularly useful for retrieving rescue targets, allowing you to bypass guards.
  • Two Visitors used right after each other will result in you being returned to the location of your first Visit permanently. Repeating this can result in you being able to teleport across the entire ship without keycards.
    • The achievement "Unauthorised Visitation" is gained by pulling this off.
  • If you are knocked unconscious while visiting, and picked up by a guard before the two second timer runs out, you will wake up when you are returned to your original location. This can be abused to take out a cluster of guards with lesser risk.
    • The achievement "A Weight Lifted" is gained by pulling this off.
  • It is possible to Visit space from the inside of a ship, but the visitor does nothing when you are standing in space
  • Use the Swapper to let guards shoot themselves or to get around in the ship.
    • The achievement "Strange Justice" is gained by causing a guard to shoot themselves.
  • You can also swap places with bodies, corpses, rescue and capture targets.
  • It is possible to use a Swapper from space on a rescue, capture or assassination target inside a ship. The target will be ejected into space, but does not appear to have momentum, and will quickly fall behind. This technique can be used to completely bypass a whole ship, or easily complete a Ghost clause
    • A Swapper and a Visitor can be combined to take out capture or assassination targets by visiting space, then swapping from space with the target inside the ship.
    • The "Glitch Proof Hull" modification found on some Glory missions is a response to prevent these difficult missions being bypassed.
  • If you've alerted guards and they're coming through a door, try to Sidewind through that door. That will strongly irritate the guards.
    • As a side-note, you can alert guards on the other side of a locked door before Sidewinding through it as guards move through the passageway,
    • This variant of teleporter has good synergy with the Stealth Shield. You can alert guards and funnel them towards a window before shooting the window and Sidewinding away.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to Asli Sixty, teleporters don't "teleport" one, but rather copy a person's entire molecular structure, reconstruct it elsewhere, and then vaporize the original.
    • Also according to her, this sometimes goes wrong, as the original person will not be destroyed, resulting in two people. According to Glitcher law, one of them can be legally killed as long as it happens within an hour of the mishap.

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